“At ‘On The Map PR’ we thrive on delivering an effective, dynamic and focused public relations campaign for our clients. At times Mark from Wicked Rock photography has interviewed and photographed some of the broad range of artists we represent, such as ‘TASTE’, ‘The Winter Gypsy’ and Tim Wheatley to name a few. The feedback from our clients has been wonderful, especially about Mark’s interview technique where he has managed to capture a great insight about the artist, their music and upcoming tours.”

Morn Pen Blues Sessions (logo)

“Mark Moray at Wicked Rock Photography has been the official photographer for the last 3 Mornington Peninsula Blues Sessions, a boutique Blues event on the Mornington Peninsula. Mark has that uncanny, unique ability to beautifully capture those special ,magical moments and is a true professional in that he gets some brilliant shots but is very discreet and doesn’t impinge on the viewing audience while he applies his craft with consummate skill. I would highly recommend Mark if you are looking for high quality pictures for your event or special occasion.Wicked Rock Photography –capturing beautiful memories that last a lifetime”.


“The instant you meet Mark you will begin to understand his true passion for music as he jumps at every opportunity with enthusiasm. Immersing you in the experience frame by frame, his undying love for music and respect for those on stage exudes through his photography.” 



“Mark’s genuine passion for live music, his kindness and drive come through clearly in his work. The artist and the person are often separated but Mark want to tell both stories and I appreciate that greatly.”